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IT HealthCare

With our presence in your offices, we can become your IT adviser and make sure that your IT system efficiency as necessary to fit the business demand. The advantages of maintenance services: anticipate system crashes, disaster recovery, solve user problem, and we also provide the monthly maintenance to keep IT system out of trouble in virus, spyware, malicious, etc…. In addition our helpdesk is accessible by telephone, fax, Email.

Network Design & Construction

With our certified cabling team by KRONE and AMP. We design and install the cable infrastructure for your office to meet the international standard quality for the network and telephone cabling system.

IT Consultancy

With our expertise in IT, we will offer the best scalability and user-ability that meets your business activities at current and future developing.

Web hosting and Email

In order to bring the best online service, we also offer to the customer the storage for web hosting and email with high availability up to 99.99%.

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